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I feel light, so light I could just float up and be carried away by the wind if it wasn’t for my body tethering me down.
     I am feeling this massive relief because I felt an important truth last night. It came to me SUDDENLY and from the passing of one second to the next I became almost a different person. It’s a truth that has been revealed itself to me before… I just keep forgetting. But conveniently my Highest Self and Power loves me enough to keep telling it to me to my FACE. I’m saying this here and now because I’m human and I might need this again later on.
    That truth is the simplicity, authority and just plain audacity of the statement, “So what?” The last couple of weeks I had been feeling such a heavy. Fucking. Misery. I was finding it hard to do more than breathe some moments. I wrote about it. Trust me, I wrote different pieces of different lengths about what was affecting me but then I was still left with the FEELING. It’s a mixture of guilt, perfectionism, maj…

Before and After

For as long as I can remember, there has existed a “Before” and “After” timeline in my mind. The “before” was me being fat, uneducated, unloved, unfunny, poor and just generally physically uncomfortable. The “after” would be the complete opposite of that! I LOVED letting my mind wander into the “after”. I would be 25 always. I would get older, of course, but pretty much just stay looking and feeling 25. I would be thin but not too thin. I would have a cute apartment in a cute red brick city like Pittsburgh. I would have a cute little animal friend, maybe two. I would have a real life, serious boyfriend who I may or may not have known in my “before” days but that wouldn’t matter because this is “after” and I would be perfect. In the after I would be famous and my job would be to inspire people with my bright cheerfulness.      I do not remember the exact thing that caused me to start thinking of my life in terms of before and after I lost a significant amount of weight, but I remember …

Breaking up with 2018

Breakup letter to 2018.
     2018, thank you. I truly do thank you, from the deepest darkest bottom corner of my heart.
     You taught me to be selfish. I think even now you’re still attempting to teach me this, even though your time is done and you should relax and let 2019 take over.
     I’m glad you’re done. Your lessons were painful and I wish I would have known just how bad they would be because I might have wanted a different teacher. One with an easier, softer teaching method.
     I had to learn to be selfish because otherwise I would have burnt myself out. I would have used all the energy in me to fight events that were doomed to happen anyway, and I would have done that until it killed me.
     It was during your time, 2018, that I began learning that it is not my duty to save my sister. It is not my duty to save anyone, that I could grasp, but I was not able to let go of the responsibility of it till now. “I wondered why you saved all those girls but you never came back fo…

~Blessings~, a poem.

I stand in a pool of liquid gold.  Over time the tide has risen  and the shimmering fluid is nearly  at my waist.  It is not solid, nor does it impede  my motion. In fact as I walk it flows slowly, gifting me with new grace.  When I gently toss bits of it here and there,  helping to fill other pools,  mine gets brighter and the call for more rises in strength.  It pulses, and dances,  and swirls through my form and it is beautiful. 
With hands raised in open prayer I hear it. My vision catches up to my hearing  and I am able to see it.  A bright funnel, a mass of lights and sparks, races the stars towards me.  It descends and envelops me,  lifting me higher in its wind,  spinning me in delight,  kissing every inch of me.  I am washed in gratitude,  softened with love,  dressed in blessings.

Breaking Bullies

I have been in one single fist fight. It was the end of 5th grade, and shit got real bloody. Little skirmishes with my siblings and cousins don’t this fight was brutal, I was filled with rage and I broke the other girl’s nose and she had to go to the ER.
     The rage was stemming from the fact that I became a bullied social outcast within a couple weeks or so of being in America and at Sandy Springs Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. I arrived in the US of A in April, 2002 a hopeful and happy girl, grateful to be reunited with my family. We had all been on a refuge journey for months before this and for about 6-8 months my mother, father and two baby siblings had been living in Atlanta while working on finding a way for me to fly here and join them. In that time I was passed around between family members and trusted friends in Europe, moving every couple of weeks.
     But I arrived, I made it. I was excited to begin learning English so I could finally understand …

Blind Date Disaster

A few years ago a friend set me up on a blind date and during the course of that date I came as close as I ever want to be to joining a cult.
     She had been visiting a guy she was dating. She told she happened to be using their computer and commenting on some post or picture of mine on Facebook, when her boyfriend’s uncle looked over her shoulder and expressed interest in me. She told me he was 35, Haitian, and new in town. I was single and bored that summer, so I said why not? I didn’t think this would be my true love, but at least I would be wined and dined and end up with a story.
     I had a pretty dress that had a high-ish collar but with a lil boob window cut out. Fixed my hair cute, put on some red lipstick and soft flats. A little spritz of perfume and some coconut oil applied to my inner thighs--my strongest and most dependable way to fight chafing--and I was ready to go!
     He was late. Never a good sign. I was willing to give him a few extra minutes, with him being bl…


One time my family attended an event. I don’t remember exactly what it was but there was music, people were dressed up and plastic tables strained to hold up enormous amounts of food. So it could have been a wedding reception, a baby shower, or a dinner after a prayer meeting. We had taken both cars there at separate times, and my mother arrived later than the rest of us. When she got there she had changed into bright and silky Rwandese robes, she’d put on makeup, and her hair was up in a tight bun. You could almost see each strand of hair stretching back across her scalp towards a shiny mass at the base of her skull, her whole head wanting to show off her face. She was beautiful, and I told her so. I even threw in a little joke about how she was more dressed up than I was. Because somehow everything was a competition with us, to the point that I didn’t even know it when I was thinking in those terms. In this moment she appeared to have won and she made sure everyone heard about …