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I can run like water, My presence a sweet rush, Falls clinging to wet rocks Little birds and bright fish swimming in and out. Harmonious.
I can be as earth, Softly sinking in Warm. Enveloping. Smooth tunnels, air currents moist and fragrant, Leading you to previously unknown depths, A hidden cavern full of stone teeth and jewels. Enchanting.
I can burn like fire, My words stir you up as I cook, Mixing emotions and similes, Pain, memories and alliteration, Sending you on a sweetly inspired surrender, Luminous.

I can flow like air, Take me in, breathe deep, Fill your lungs on my smoky passion. Release all misgivings. All tightness, all stress. Let me infuse your soul with my lavender tones, Eucalyptus stories, lemon lights. Fragrant.

                                                                                    Drink my harmonies, let my earthly magic work,                                                                                     Allow me to light you up, and then rest,                  …